Artist Statement


I am interested in expressing the human condition through contemporary figurative sculpture. I use the human body, placed in abstract spatial contexts, to suggest different narratives and psychological states. Many of my sculptural works explore the themes of mortality, determinism (fate), free will, and the tenacity of the human spirit.

When I sculpt, I am reminded of my own physicality. Like the clay I work with — an elemental, naturally abundant, humble material — I, too, have a body composed of organic matter, malleable and ever-changing, bound by the laws of the physical world, and subject to aging and decay. There is an immediate empathy. I see myself in the clay I shape.

I enjoy the sculpting process, particularly the direct contact of my hands on clay. My hands are my favourite tool. They allow the clay to be an extension of myself without any intermediary. They allow me to feel the response of the clay to my touch, making the process a dialogue with the clay, blurring the line between artist and artwork at the point of contact.